Petition to ban scooters from Guildford skate park

Guildford skate park scooter ban petition.

Due to the lack of understanding of the dangers of the skate park, I feel it is necessary to enforce a ban on all children on scooters at Guildford skate park to ensure the park is safe to ride for skateboarders, BMXers and roller bladers.

I feel that a ban on scooters would greatly benefit the skate park overall and would create a much safer and harmonious environment at the skate park.

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Recently there was some rather negative press by the Surrey times stating that scooters may be banned from Guildford skate park. I felt the piece was written in a rather negative way towards skate boarders and BMXers implying that a ban on scooters would be unjustified and shouldn’t be in place. I would like to counter this with a few thoughts of my own and ultimately a petition just to raise awareness to the council that there are significant, justified reasons for a ban on scooters at Guildford skate park.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to safety. Young children on scooters in a skate park simply isn’t safe. They do not have spatial awareness and endanger both themselves and other users of the skate park. This has been documented many times on video and is a daily occurrence at skate parks up and down the country. Below are some videos of accidents which have happened in skate parks due to the lack of awareness displayed by children on scooters.

Woking skate park.

And here is some footage of a local skateboarder Jonny, in hospital after a collision with a scooter at Kingston skatepark.

If you care about safety in our skate park please sign the petition and hopefully it will raise some awareness to the council about the problem of scooters at Guildford skate park. Of course it’s out of our hands as to whether they decide to ban scooters but at least a petition will allow the the many responsible riders of the skate park to voice there opinions.

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